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Presidency Ready

Your entire presidency can access the information in Primary Tools. You can stop emailing spreadsheets and losing hard copies of class rosters and birthdates. Primary Tools works great from laptops, tablets and even smart phone screens--you can access your information from anywhere.

Reporting Tools

Dashboards provide a quick glance view of your primary. You can see who has a birthday coming up, who is approaching graduation, who is approaching baptism and who is approaching nursery age. The Age Group report shows you a full run down of your primary grouped by class age all the way down to Pre-Nursery; while the Activity Groups report groups primary age children by their mid-week activity group. The birthday report gives a monthly breakdown of birthdays; its perfect for putting together a monthly newsletter.

*NEW* The recently added Nursery Projection will show you how big your total nursery size will be for the next 18 months. Generally, the size will grow throughout the year then drop in January as children move on to Sunbeams.

Class Management

Primary Tools Premium gives you the power to manage your Primary Classes and Mid-week Activity Groups. More powerful than age based reporting, you can assign children to classes with associated room numbers and teachers. You can have multiple classes for the same age group (e.g. CTR 5 - A and CTR 5 - B) and you have the flexibility to assign these classes to Junior or Senior Primary as you see fit. You can also print quarterly Class Rolls for Primary Classes.

*NEW* You can now manage Teachers similar to Children. You can associate them with classes and easily see who is working in your primary. You can store contact information for your teachers/leaders and easily grab email address for targeted groups (e.g. Jr. Primary Teachers).

Participation Management

Primary Tools Premium also gives you the ability to Track Participation of Opening Exercises activities (e.g. Spotlight, Scripture, etc.). You can easily keep track of who did what and when. The Participation Suggestions report will tell you whose turn it is participate.

You can manage the minimum age to be suggested for those activities. For example, Sunbeams could be configured to only be suggested for Spotlight and Prayer. You can also override these settings for special cases like special needs children.

*NEW* You now have the ability to use Custom Activities. The system will create a few suggestions for you, but you can delete, rename, and create new activities to fit your needs.