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Is Primary Tools sponsored by/endorsed by/affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

No. Primary Tools is a service provided for the benefit of members of the Church, but has no direct affiliation with the Church. We know of no conflicts that would prevent primary presidencies from using Primary Tools, but you may wish to consult with local priesthood leaders.


Why do I login with a Google, Facebook or Microsoft account? Which should I choose?

By using an established login service provider like Google, Facebook or Microsoft; Primary Tools never has to know your password. This is a security best practice that is becoming more common across the Internet. You should choose the one you most frequently use.

Who can access my unit's (ward or branch) information? How can I grant access to other members of my presidency?

Only registered users can access your unit's information. Once a person creates a Unit and gives it a name, a Join Code is generated by the system. This Join Code should then be given to other members of the presidency. Upon logging in, those presidency members can select Join Unit and provide the Join Code. The Join Code will be scrambled from time to time for secuirty reasons.

What personal information does Primary Tools store about registered users?

In compliance with our Privacy Policy we store the bare minimum information (first name, last name, email address) about registered users. This information is automatically pulled from one of the login providers at registration. This information will never be sold or misused in any way.

Intended Usage

Does Primary Tools track baptismal ordinances?

No. Similar to what is mentioned above; Primary Tools is intended to supplement, but not compete with tools provided by the Church. MLS,, and LDS Tools mobile apps should fulfill these needs.

Does Primary Tools track requirements fulfillment for Cub Scouts/Faith in God?

Not at this time. If there is enough demand from our users, we will see how we can assist in this area.

Are parents allowed to view the information in Primary Tools?

Although parents could be granted access to a unit through the Join Code mechanism, Primary Tools is designed for use by primary presidencies.

General Use

Can I print from Primary Tools?

Yes! We have been working hard to improve printing and will continue to do so. Currently, pages that are intended for printing have a print button off to the right of the screen.

For example, you can navigate to Classes -> Membership to print out all Sunday Classes. You could also navigate to the Class Details page to print a single class.

Some pages offer the ability to Enable/Disable page breaks. This can be useful if you need print out Class Membership (as an example) that you intend to distribute to teachers or consumer paper if you intend to keep it in binder.

You will find that printed pages will be easiest to read if you allow your web browser to "print images and background colors". This setting is located in different places depending upon your web browser. Look for Page Setup options in your web browser tools menus.

What is the Pre-Nursery class?

Pre-Nursery is essentially just a holding place for children in that will eventually attend Nursery and Primary. When you enter in a child that is not yet 18 months old, they will be placed in the Pre-Nursery "class". Then, as they approach nursery age, you will see them on the Upcoming dashboard. Upon turning 18 months, they will automatically be added to the Nursery class. If you have more than one Nursery class, the system will try determine the appropriate one automatically.

You should not need to manage the Pre-Nursery "class" (i.e. assign teachers, room number, or split into multiple "classes").

Are children automatically advanced as they get older?

In some cases, yes. The following actions will take place automatically:

  • Move children from Pre-Nursery to Nursery at 18 months old
  • Move boys into Wolf, Bear, Webelos, 11 y/o scouts on their respected birthday
  • Move boys out of 11 y/o scouts upon turning 12
  • Move girls into Activity Days upon turning 8
  • Move girls out of Activity Days upon turning 12
  • Delete children from system upon turning 13 (if not done manually beforehand)

If you have multiple of a particular class/activity group (e.g. two nursery classes), the system will attempt to choose the correct one. It is possible that this choice isn't your preference; you will simply need to make the correction. Activity Days is especially problematic in this respect because of the large age range of eligible girls. Some units may have four A Days groups, while others might have only one or two. Some unit may not align A Days groups by age at all, but by geography or in some other fashion. We know of units that split A Days based upon language. Again, the system will do its best in this case; but keep an eye out on those memberships.

Sunday classes (with the exception of children entering nursery), will be handled at the end of the year. A new option is made available in December allowing you to build your class rosters for the following year. The system will attempt to help in this process as well, but you can modify the classes to meet the needs of your unit.

What happens when I delete a class?

The class will be removed from PrimaryTools.Net. Childern will be automatically assigned to the next older class

How do I move a class between Jr and Sr Primary?

Each Class is assigned a Group. You can edit the Class and change the Group to Senior or Junior. Participation suggestions are based on the Group setting.

  1. Login to Primary Tools
  2. Click on Tools and Manage Classes
  3. Click the name of the class
  4. Click Edit
  5. Modify the Group

I no longer wish to use Primary Tools, how can I delete my Unit?

Of course we would be sorry to see you go, but you can simply email us requesting that your Unit be deleted. Please provide your Unit's current Join Code for verification.