Unfortunately, we are announcing that Primary Tools will be shutting down. Click here for more details.

It appears that Microsoft has made a change to how its authentication works. We will try to get that fixed up. As a work around, a fellow presidency member can give you the latest Join Code and you can join your unit with a Facebook or Google account.

Up to date reporting

Primary tools makes it a snap to see who is in which age group as well as who is approaching milestones such as entering nursery, approaching baptism or getting ready to graduate. You can also easily see who has upcoming birthdays.

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Participation tracking

At a glance see who has particiated in opening exercises and whose turn is coming up. You can even customize which activities children are suggested for.

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Presidency ready

The entire primary presidency can see all of the same information in real time. No more emailing documents and spreadsheets to one another.

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